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What to Expect

M3 Longhorns - Texas Longhorn Cattle helped remove my mouse's tumor and just 5 days after the surgery, he's acting normal again! Thanks, M3 Longhorns - Texas Longhorn Cattle

Caring for exotic animals isn't easy, but it's worth it!


The team of exotic pet specialists at M3 Longhorns - Texas Longhorn Cattle are passionate about animals and love their jobs because they can give species, that normally don't get medial treatment, the best care possible.


M3 Longhorns - Texas Longhorn Cattle's mission is to deliver the best diagnosis, care, and treatment possible, while remaining compassionate towards the animals and their owners. Caring for animals is such a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.

about our clinic

Patrick Pool

M3 Longhorns


Our facility is equipped to house nearly any species prior to and following any medical procedure.


meet our work team

Alise Puse

Dayle Peters
Rodent Specialist

Tom James
Reptile Specialist

Mr. John Anderson
Mouse Owner

Mark Johnson
Exotic Pet Surgeon

Chandra Vancova
Avian Specialist